Day 4 of Self Isolation

As many of you will know our wee little country is in lockdown. This is a hard concept for some people to understand. For those who think logically it’s pretty easy – cool I stay home and I only go out for exercise or if I run out of TP (oh wait there is none) fuck, cream for my coffee it is then.

Then you get those who have one hundred million questions, for example but not limited too:

  • can we go to the cafe?
  • can we have a bbq with friends?
  • will I get paid?
  • can I go the the gym in lockdown?
  • who needs shit from the supermarket cause I’m going to panic buy all the TP – shit – someone’s already done that.
  • can I send my snotty kids to their elderly grandparents in a rest home so that I can work from home in peace?
  • where will I get coffee from?
  • why do we have to stay at home?
  • will the shops be open?

Then there are those waiting for the nation to turn into zombies so that they can put everything that they’ve learnt from the walking dead into action. I personally prefer ZombieLand.

What we need to accept is that everyone understands ideas and concepts differently. For some it is really hard to understand why they can’t do what they normally do because that is their routine – and who the fuck does this Jacinda bitch think she is, telling us what we can or can’t do. For others it’s as easy as “fuck it no work for a month – WHOO FUCKEN HOO!! Who’s Netflix/Disney +/Lightbox/Neon passwords can I have”.

I know definitely fall into the category of – just follow the fucken instruction ya cocks type person – and that is who I am, I can’t change that and you can’t change that (I bet you’d love to try though).

So essentially what I’m trying to say is be patient, be grateful for what you have, see the good in people who you may find to be difficult. Don’t fucken panic buy – cheesus crust – how many more times do they need to tell you. See this as a gift of time that you will never have again. Yes the circumstances are shit but we always complain about how time poor we are. Now we have a month. Use your time how you will – just use it well.

My preferred zombie movie…

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