My Cake Day 2020

So for my birthday this year (why yes thank you I am 25! How did you guess???) I decided to go to Bali. Went to the travel agent told them what I wanted, and BOOM trip to Bali booked. I had done months and months of research to find out what I wanted to do, where I wanted to eat but super importantly what I wanted to do for my cake day.

As I mentioned in that paragraph up there 👆 , heaps of research was conducted to plan the bestest day ever (well at least until my next birthday). But what could be better than Vegas I hear you ask – why a trek up Mt Batur to see the sun rise (like actually rise – none of this oh look the sun is up shit), go for a two and a half hour spa then finish it off with a steak dinner. I couldn’t have planned it better, it was the bestest day ever. If you ever want to push yourself and take the best selfie of your life, trek up a mountain. Before I forget I also drank coffee where the coffee beans came from a small mammals ass (I hear you judging – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it), damn good coffee actually.

A few things you should know before you trek up a mountain (big, small, tall, short, bushy or imaginary) – use it don’t use it, your call. If you think you are fit enough you probs aren’t (not even kidding). When they say hire an extra jacket – pay for the fucken jacket! The coffee on the summit is the best coffee you will ever have in your life. Purely because you have been up since 1 am and you got to the base of the mountain at 4.30 am and needed to get up there before the sun did. Use the damn jacket that you hired cause its fucken cold up there. Keep your backpacks, jackets and food close, monkeys don’t care, they WILL steal your shit.

Like I said up there 👆 I was up since 1 am. Who the fuck gets up at 1 am on their birthday I hear you ask – why I do. You are doing that trek in the dark, it is blacker than coal out there. Which is just as fucken well cause you wouldn’t do it if you could see the path you where taking. For those who want to give it a go but can’t be arsed walking a 35 incline for an hour an a half – they have peeps on dirt bikes that will take you up for a fee – not all the way they drop you off just before the summit cause you did pay to “do a trek” after all .

Put the jacket on when you get to the top, its cold 🥶. I did have a wee chuckle at all of the Instagramers (yes that is a word – a made up word) cause they where blue by the time they got there. But why where they blue Heidi??? Cause they wore literally fuck-all for the sake of an “Instagram worthy” photo with their BFF. All jokes aside it is a major accomplishment to get up there and so worth the effort.

I really did have the bestest birthday and I enjoyed every minute of it. From getting up at stupid o’ clock, trekking in darkness, drinking mammal butt coffee, spa and finishing with an amazing steak it was an awesomely fantastic birthday. If you don’t believe me look at my awesome photo’s and see for yourself.

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