About Me…

Ooohhhh where do I start? Here I guess. So here I am, hello, my name is Heidi. What would I feel comfortable with you knowing about me. NOTHING. Joking! Or am I????

I love taking photos of people, things and stuff so that is what will be on here mostly. Also I want to tell you about MY experiences like trips, food, life in general.

I am old school and 21st century all in one body and mind. You may not like some of my thoughts and ideas which is cool because they are my thoughts and ideas you don’t need to like or understand everything I write or show you a picture of, just acknowledge a different opinion.

Also I care not for grammar and I swear – a lot. I find strange things funny – again you may or may not like it or get it – your life, your loss. If none of those bother you we will get on just fine.

This is me, to a T 😁
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