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Enough …

Well hello and welcome to this the seventh (can’t be sure I didn’t check before I published)?? Instalment of my blog… Dammit I though she stopped I hear you say!!  Well you don’t need to read it if you don’t want too however (which is just but just spelt differently) you may relate with whatContinue reading “Enough …”


As you would have seen in my previous post I went to Bali for my birthday this year. Alas my trip was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances (fucken virus). I still had an amazing time in my short stay and I will definitely be back to explore more of the beauty and experiences thatContinue reading “Bali…”

My Cake Day 2020

So for my birthday this year (why yes thank you I am 25! How did you guess???) I decided to go to Bali. Went to the travel agent told them what I wanted, and BOOM trip to Bali booked. I had done months and months of research to find out what I wanted to do,Continue reading “My Cake Day 2020”

About Me…..

Ooohhhh where do I start? Here I guess. So here I am, hello, my name is Heidi. What would I feel comfortable with you knowing about me. NOTHING. Joking! Or am I???? I love taking photos of people, things and stuff so that is what will be on here mostly. Also I want to tellContinue reading “About Me…..”

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