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As you would have seen in my previous post I went to Bali for my birthday this year. Alas my trip was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances (fucken virus). I still had an amazing time in my short stay and I will definitely be back to explore more of the beauty and experiences thatContinue reading “Bali…”

My Cake Day 2020

So for my birthday this year (why yes thank you I am 25! How did you guess???) I decided to go to Bali. Went to the travel agent told them what I wanted, and BOOM trip to Bali booked. I had done months and months of research to find out what I wanted to do,Continue reading “My Cake Day 2020”

About Me…..

Ooohhhh where do I start? Here I guess. So here I am, hello, my name is Heidi. What would I feel comfortable with you knowing about me. NOTHING. Joking! Or am I???? I love taking photos of people, things and stuff so that is what will be on here mostly. Also I want to tellContinue reading “About Me…..”

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